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Pulse widget embedded below an embedded video source

MP app with client-side attendee authentication

Currently, the MeetingPulse application can be integrated in these ways:

Simple embed

Given a link to a meeting (e.g., you can just add an embed to your page with an iframe tag. Make sure to provide the height and width for the frame for best results. Your attendees will appear in the meeting as anonymous users, unless you enable name and/or email prompt for new visitors.

Embed and authenticate attendees

If you want to embed the app in your site and authenticate your visitors based on their login session on your  site, you can take advantage of our API and generate access tokens for your visitors. This way, each user that has been authenticated with your site can access the MeetingPulse app via an iframe and be recognized by the app. We support passing user names and emails this way. Please contact support for more info if you are interested in this solution.

Embed a simple MeetingPulse widget

Instead of embedding a frame with a fully-fledged application, you may wish to limit the interface to some minimalisic widget. Currently we only support a ribbon with Pulse buttons. If you need to show those buttons on your site, you will need to embed a frame with a URL of the format<your-meeting-name>/pulse. Make sure to make the frame long enough if you want all buttons to be on the same line.

Also note that you can set up a meeting to have only one slide. This way if you embed the app onto your site, it will only show a single slide without any extra menus, which can be used to your advantage if you want something simpler.

Does MeetingPulse work with PowerPoint?
Sure, more about it here
What platforms do you support?
We want 100% of your audience to be engaged, which is why we developed MeetingPulse to work in a web browser. Your audience can join from their iPhone, their Amazon fire tablet, their Linux laptop, their Windows PC or any other device that has a web browser.
Can I customize MeetingPulse?
To make MeetingPulse a seamless addition to your meetings, we offer custom themes. We'll use your logo and your colors for the attendee and broadcast view. Your company name will be included in the webpage's title.

Your meeting can have its own domain. This is great if you are going to promote your meeting offline. For example, you could use instead of
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