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Empower Audience Members with Live Feedback Options

Give Your Audience a Voice Everyone likes to have a voice. By definition, audience response systems are two-sided and not beneficial to initiators alone. To […]

Spicing Up the Classroom with Live Surveys

If you are a professional instructor of any kind, you are no doubt familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of smartphone use in the classroom. […]

How to Create a Free Poll with MeetingPulse

Do you need to quickly create a live poll for an upcoming meeting or event? No problem! At MeetingPulse we make poll creation a snap. […]

Workplace Wearables: Why We Aren’t There Yet

Is there a corporate wearables revolution on the horizon? Not quite yet. Although workplace wearables might seem like the next obvious step up in employee […]

No Downloads Required: A New Genre of Employee Feedback Software

Imagine how nice it would be to poll your employees anytime, anywhere – no app downloads required. Imagine if no special hardware or paperwork were […]

The Imminent Decline of Hardware-Based Audience Response Systems

The proliferation of the smartphone is changing the face of modern meetings. Newer and better methods now exist for gathering feedback from a group. Due […]

Best Practices for Organizing Your Meeting Survey App Around “Social” Principles

Developing surveys is an effective tactic for keeping your finger on the pulse of your target audience, whether you’re trying to reach customers, employees, or […]

Why Use a Meeting Survey App During Your Marketing Presentation

If you’ve attended a conference recently as a presenter or participant, you are likely already familiar with meeting survey apps. These solutions enable audience participation, […]

Making the Leap from Clickers to Smartphones

Anyone who has been a presenter or attendee of meetings that involve audience participation has probably seen a clicker or personal response system. A clicker […]

Using Smartphones for Employee Feedback and Employee Engagement

According to Deloitte University Press, employee retention and engagement is the #2 concern among business leaders. Companies are forced to redirect their focus toward corporate […]

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