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Go On, Wow Millennials with Feedback Apps

Roughly one third of employees in America are 18-34 years old. The shift from a generation-x dominant workforce to a millennial workforce occurred a couple […]

Design Thinking and Cultural Change

While design thinking is typically viewed as an approach uniquely relevant to product design, it is a fancy term for an intuitive process that is […]

Audience Response Options: Apps versus Browser-Based Solutions

When choosing live audience software for presentations and meetings, ease of access is a major consideration. Some presenters still use clickers, but this specialized hardware […]

Using Anonymous Feedback to Increase Employee Engagement

Do you really want to know what’s going on behind the scenes in your organization? Consider allowing anonymous feedback during employee feedback sessions. Anonymity will […]

The Power of Servant Leadership

Jennifer Biry, CFO of AT&T Technology and Operations, is a strong believer in servant leadership, an approach that encourages leaders to prioritize the needs of […]

Using Creative Polls to Break the Ice

Humor is powerful. Why not start your meetings with something light and entertaining? A little bit of comedy in the workplace goes a long way […]

The Corporate World’s Rising Focus on Employee Engagement

According to a recent HR Drive brief, employers must think beyond automation to improve employee engagement when it comes to today’s workforce. The corporate world […]

Keep Employees Informed with Interactive Response Systems

Technology provides us with many thorough and efficient systems, but sometimes things still fall through the cracks. When it comes to complex organizations and work […]

7 Ways to Create a Feedback Friendly Workplace

Getting honest feedback from employees can feel a bit like a treasure hunt – unless you have a clear plan. How does one create a […]

Who Really Drives the Evolution of Corporate Culture?

Corporate culture is a hot topic these days. Furthermore, it’s highly relevant to corporate communication systems, which is our business at MeetingPulse. As culture at […]

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