MeetingPulse is a product by inMoment Software, designed to facilitate the exchange of information between the presenter and the audience in real-time.

Other products also built on the inMoment Platform include custom solutions for education sector, live tv and radio broadcast, festivals and training programs.

Our technology leverages the fact that everyone has a connected smartphone. No installation is necessary for participants, onboarding takes seconds and the interaction happens in real-time. Voting, feedback, questions, dialogues, polls, quizes, games: any mechanics you can imagine.

Started as a weekend project at the #Launch hackathon, MeetingPulse in several months grew into a substantial real-time platform, went through an accelerator program, closed a round of seed investment and launched on stage of one of the biggest tech festivals in Silicon Valley.

Watch Peter & Aaron presenting MeetingPulse on the main stage of the Launch festival:

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the influencers of the world to enable their audiences and get more connected with them during live events.
InMoment Software, inc. is a registered Delaware corporation.

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