Dramatically improve your Zoom meetings with interactivity

Get the most out of Zoom by integrating MeetingPulse to engage your audience with surveys, moderated Q&A, compliant voting, and animated audience reaction emojis. Track and report every interaction to get amazing insights into meeting effectiveness.


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Trusted by leading global corporations and Fortune 100 companies


Engage your meeting participants with fun and useful engagement tools that draw them into the conversation.



Use your existing Zoom video for on camera broadcast, webinar, or videoconference as usual.


Meeting Success

A powerful combination giving you real insight with data, reports, and feedback - so you know when meetings are a success.


Make your next Zoom meeting interactive. Engagement your participants want.

Crowdsourced Q&A and Brainstorming

Attendees submit questions or ideas and vote on their favorites.

Polling & Surveys

Ask your audience questions and see the results live.

Live Sentiment

Let attendees react with emojis in real time. Get instant insights about the audience.

Reporting and Analytics

Access engagement and response data from your attendees. Great for analysis and information collection.


Create small chat rooms for speakers, conversation around topics, or a general chat module where attendees communicate with each other and event moderators.

Games & Raffles

Create icebreaker games or offer rewards for friendly competition.

Breakout Rooms

Create sessions where attendees can network and communicate around smaller topics over video.

Event Scheduling

Create workshop schedules and bookable sessions within your larger events.

Our promise of simplicity.

We know that every audience is made up of users with varying levels of technical experience.

We promise that MeetingPulse will always remain intuitive and simple — you will love how easy it is.


Why Meeting Pulse?

Custom Development & Accessible API

We've developed custom interactive solutions for national educational and legal organizations, trade shows, annual conferences and more.

Custom Branding

Keep event themes and branding consistent by displaying your colors and logo. Great for resellers and event companies.


MeetingPulse provides enterprise-level security trusted by Fortune 100 companies. We support single sign-on security that integrates with your corporate identity system.

Reporting & Analytics

Get the data you need to optimize your events. We provide a full download of participant activity, poll results, and submitted questions and upvotes.


Integrate seamlessly with top meeting and presentation tools. Embed MeetingPulse in your web or mobile app, or embed Zoom, YouTube, or Vimeo in MeetingPulse.

Event Planning, Management & Support

Need help putting on your virtual event? Leverage our experience solving communication problems for large organizations. We can help design your event and our support staff will be on stand-by to ensure your event is flawless.


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