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Empty meeting room

Requirements of an Annual General Meeting

The institution of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is more than tradition – it’s an opportunity for shareholders to become actively involved in the company’s […]

Business meeting

Strategies to Create an Interactive Presentation That Stands Out

We used to have face-to-face presentations where we could interact in person. But putting together an online presentation can be stressful, especially if you’re worried […]

Two laptops for video conference

Top 6 Audience Interaction Tools for Virtual Meetings

Make your next virtual meeting fun and engaging! We have the top 6 tools to get the most audience interaction possible, making your meeting a […]

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The 9 Best Virtual Event Software Platforms of 2020

Virtual and hybrid events are here to stay, so how do we do them better. We need platforms designed for the demand and nuance of […]

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Top Interactive Online Meeting Ideas

Make Meetings Engaging In today’s business environment, and certainly in our current circumstances of quarantine and social distancing, online meetings are a necessary part of […]

A person looks at bar graphs and quantitative data on a piece of paper

Gathering Qualitative and Quantitative Data Through Surveys

Quantitative data — think user preferences and demographics — and qualitative data, including behavior patterns and use cases, will strongly impact business decisions. Combining these […]

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos’ Tips for Running Virtual Meetings

  When we hear the word “meeting,” the thought that comes to almost every mind is a stretch of seemingly infinite time spent in a […]

Guy having a management meeting

How to Run an Online Management Meeting

When it comes to management meetings during a pandemic, the best way to succeed is to use online technology. Online video conference meetings are a […]

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A Guide to Working Remotely: 6 Best Technologies

Change, as it often seems to do, came upon us suddenly in 2020. Before March 11, 2020, the day the World Health Organization announced a […]

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How to Incorporate Disruptive Innovation in Your Leadership Strategy

Check this out: according to Statista, the economic impact of disruptive innovation is predicted to hit $11 trillion per year by 2025. Despite this fact, […]

Does MeetingPulse work with PowerPoint?
Sure, more about it here
What platforms do you support?
We want 100% of your audience to be engaged, which is why we developed MeetingPulse to work in a web browser. Your audience can join from their iPhone, their Amazon fire tablet, their Linux laptop, their Windows PC or any other device that has a web browser.
Can I customize MeetingPulse?
To make MeetingPulse a seamless addition to your meetings, we offer custom themes. We'll use your logo and your colors for the attendee and broadcast view. Your company name will be included in the webpage's title.

Your meeting can have its own domain. This is great if you are going to promote your meeting offline. For example, you could use instead of
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