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employee engagement during meeting

Employee engagement case study: town halls may not be enough for reorganization

When a certain large financial services company found itself in the midst of a reorganization, it sought to build on one of its strengths — […]

classroom engagement audience response

Audience Response in Education: Use Technology to Engage Your Students

The problem Much has been written recently about the pros and cons of technology in the classroom. Given our students’ addiction to wireless gadgets and […]

performance management

Use Data to Avoid Bias in Performance Management

There is one ritual of corporate life that is expensive, ineffective, and frustrating to managers and employees alike: the annual performance review. The traditional performance […]

Better Performance Management for the 21st century

The world has changed. Think back to how different your life was 10 years ago — you may have just gotten your (first) iPhone, but your […]

Switch to MeetingPulse as the Sun Sets on Microsoft Pulse

Several years ago, Microsoft introduced a product very similar to the MeetingPulse audience response software. Now, Microsoft Pulse is officially shutting down. We kindly invite […]

The Conference Call Conundrum

Conference calls are much more common and important these days due to an increase in the mobile workforce and an increase in large companies with […]

Civic Participation via Audience Response System

Here at MeetingPulse, we have noticed a rising interest in using audience response systems to support civic participation. Currently in the US and in Canada, […]

Highlight: Corporate Change & Communication Study Results

We recently discovered a series of enlightening studies conducted by Towers Watson between 2003 and 2014. The Change and Communication ROI study series hones in […]

The 4 Pillars of a Feedback-Rich Workplace

We believe in the power of healthy interpersonal feedback in the workplace. That’s what MeetingPulse is all about. Employees need to have a well-rounded understanding […]

How to Create a Q&A Session in 15 Seconds

Do you need to quickly create a Q&A session for an upcoming meeting or event? The MeetingPulse audience response system makes setup a snap. If […]

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