Category: Event Planning

The Upside of Anonymity

When you’re at a gathering and have a question, it can feel like a big deal to get up, raise your hand, and speak up […]

Switch to MeetingPulse as the Sun Sets on Microsoft Pulse

Several years ago, Microsoft introduced a product very similar to the MeetingPulse audience response software. Now, Microsoft Pulse is officially shutting down. We kindly invite […]

Civic Participation via Audience Response System

Here at MeetingPulse, we have noticed a rising interest in using audience response systems to support civic participation. Currently in the US and in Canada, […]

10 Ways to Prepare for a Live Q&A Session

Planning and leading a Q&A session is harder than you might think. Here are a few quick tips on how to host a live Q&A […]

3 Critical Stages of Live Event Feedback

Collecting feedback is a critical part of planning and executing a successful event. It’s common to collect feedback via survey after an event, but throughout […]

Native App vs. Web App – Which Is Best for Live Audience Software?

Live audience software is generally available in two forms: native app and web app. What are the differences? Which should you choose to meet your […]

MAYDAY.US creates an online townhall with MeetingPulse

The Customer: Mayday.US is a non-profit activism organization working against institutional government corruption in the United States. In the U.S. 2014 mid-term elections, Mayday.US used […]

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