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Highlight: Corporate Change & Communication Study Results

We recently discovered a series of enlightening studies conducted by Towers Watson between 2003 and 2014. The Change and Communication ROI study series hones in […]

5 Tips for Managing Your Startup Workforce

Today more than ever, straddling technological advances while satisfying the demands of a younger workforce is key to retaining the most vibrant and valuable employees. […]

Amp Up Innovation with More Diverse Teams

When it comes to creating productive, stimulating, and positively challenging workplace teams, diversity plays a positive role. According to Katherine Phillips’ article about diversity in […]

Design Thinking and Cultural Change

While design thinking is typically viewed as an approach uniquely relevant to product design, it is a fancy term for an intuitive process that is […]

The Power of Servant Leadership

Jennifer Biry, CFO of AT&T Technology and Operations, is a strong believer in servant leadership, an approach that encourages leaders to prioritize the needs of […]

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