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How to Deliver Negative and Positive Employee Feedback
By Aaron Lifshin on

Negative and positive feedback are two sides of the same coin. Although it’s natural to want to place professional feedback into one category or the other, reality is rarely that black and white.

In order to grow, we have to be aware of our shortcomings and how we can potentially improve. If we are blindly praised, we will miss out on challenging opportunities for growth. If we are overly criticized, we lose that positive steam we need to move forward.

Rather than thinking about criticism as a good or bad thing, consider the bigger picture. What is your team trying to accomplish? What blind spots exist when it comes to your communication methods? How important are the egos of particular individuals at your company – compared to group success and collective accomplishments?

When it comes to providing critical employee feedback, it’s important to focus on healthy delivery techniques that will lead to positive change. Even a compliment, if delivered poorly, can feel damaging. Meanwhile, suggestions for improvement can feel quite nice if conveyed thoughtfully and with care. In order to be effective, employee feedback must be delivered in a way that the receiver can absorb and benefit from. If feedback is either too harsh or too kind, it can end up going in one ear and out the other without effecting any change whatsoever.

Switch and Shift recently published an article by Ron Damon titled Negative Feedback: Turning a Negative Into a Positive. The article includes an enlightening infographic that illustrates “The Twelve Rules of Giving Negative Feedback.” The infographic provides guidelines, suggestions, techniques, and clears up some common misconceptions about negative feedback. Check out this great infographic here!

Effectively delivered employee feedback is an essential part of any company and necessary for growth. In addition to According to Bill Gates:

We all need people who give us feedback. That’s how we improve.

So check out this great infographic and go forth and improve your feedback delivery techniques! Your team – and thus your whole company – will improve as a result. A job well done requires a lot of small steps along the way – and learning to give and receive feedback is one of the most important parts of creating a positive culture and a healthy working environment.



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